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New BARLEYmax™: high fibre wholegrain with resistant starch

BARLEYmax™ is a natural wholegrain with enhanced nutritional benefits.

CSIRO Nutrition Trials

The CSIRO nutrition clinic's research addresses the nutritional aspects and genetic determinants of some of Australia's major health concerns. CSIRO's nutrition trials using volunteers provide a better understanding of the role of foods and food components in a healthy diet and can lead to changes in intake recommendations or industry practices.

Adelaide: SAHMRI (SA)

CSIRO research at the SAHMRI facility encompasses food and nutritional sciences and clinical and community studies, which include trials conducted at the nutrition and health research clinic.

PC4 Zoonosis Suite & Bioimaging Facility

The PC4 Zoonosis Suite, the most sophisticated high containment laboratory in the world, enables collaborative research into the most lethal diseases.

Purpose and responsibilities of AAHL

AAHL is a high-containment facility designed to allow scientific research into the most dangerous infectious agents in the world.

The Human Body student workshop (New South Wales)

It's a complex machine that goes with us everywhere and keeps working for decades. Find out more about how your body works in the Human Body program, run by CSIRO for New South Wales students in Years 3 - 6.

Impromy Health and Weight Management Program

The Impromy Program is a health and weight management program currently being clinically tested by CSIRO for use in the pharmacy. The program is planned to be launched in the middle of 2014.

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet

Our bestselling book, The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is a nutritionally balanced, scientifically proven eating plan that can help you feel less hungry and lose weight.

Cholesterol facts

Learn more about cholesterol and our research to reduce the risk of heart disease and steps you can take to improve your heart health.

Canberra: Black Mountain, ACT (Black Mountain laboratories)

CSIRO’s Black Mountain laboratories are the central research facilities of CSIRO Plant Industry, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences and CSIRO Land and Water.

Fish oils help keep the heart running smoothly

CSIRO studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids protect against heart rhythm disorders. They also appear to have additional favourable effects on blood vessel function. Three to five fish meals per week should provide a useful amount of omega-3.

The low incidence of heart disease in communities with a fish-based diet led CSIRO researchers to investigate omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish oils for good health

Healthy fish oils, also known as long chain omega-3 fatty acids, have earned the reputation as one of the best bioactives yet discovered.

Dr Christine O'Keefe: turning data into knowledge for informed decision-making

Dr Christine O'Keefe is Program Leader for Decision and User Science in CSIRO Computational Informatics. She turns data into knowledge for informed decision-making and action in the services economy.

Separating bioactives

Our researchers are finding ways to extract valuable molecules from plant and animal products.

Microencapsulating bioactives

Developments in microencapsulation technology are creating new applications and opportunities in the food and nutraceutical industries.

The CSIRO and Baker IDI Diabetes Recipe Book

This new collection of recipes will help you improve your health, manage your weight and feed your family and friends healthy, satisfying and tasty food.

Recreational screen time

Recreational screen time – switch off after two hours. Get the facts on why reducing screen time is good for your kids.

Barrier reef corals deliver world first for sunscreen

CSIRO, in partnership with skincare company Larissa Bright Australia, has created the world's first UVA/UVB sunscreen filters which mimic the natural sun protection used by corals on the Great Barrier Reef.

Dr Philip Hendry: the genomic perspective

Dr Phil Hendry leads the Genomics Program within CSIRO Animal, Food and Health Sciences Division, as well as projects in molecular microbiology for the Energy Transformed and Wealth from Oceans Flagships.

CSIRO total wellbeing diet: recipes on a budget

This brand new collection of recipes shows you how to eat well without breaking the bank or compromising on quality or nutrition.

Soy questions answered (Podcast 31 Jan 2007)

The recent debate about soy products is discussed by Dr Peter Clifton from CSIRO's Human Nutrition in this podcast. (7:00)

HCA-Vision: software for cytomics

Our HCA-Vision tool helps researchers find more effective, safer pharmaceuticals and better understand the mechanisms of disease. HCA-Vision is an automated image analysis software package that rapidly and reproducibly measures functional features of neuronal cells in images.

Quantitative Imaging: tools for extracting high quality data from images

CSIRO is developing computer vision tools that, like the human eye, can recognise and discriminate between objects but are also able to make detailed, accurate measurements.

Advance in bowel cancer test research

Australian researchers have developed gene expression biomarkers which can accurately discriminate pre-cancerous and cancerous colorectal growths from non-cancerous controls.

Uncovering early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

A major Australian study has provided new insights into the loss of structure in regions of the brain and its potential association with Alzheimer’s Disease.

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