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CSIRO e-health innovation: enabling a revolution in healthcare

This brochure describes how CSIRO is using information and communication technologies to build a sustainable health care system for Australia. (6 pages)


Dr Alex Zelinsky has commenced as full-time Director of the CSIRO ICT Centre after a transitional period from his former role as CEO of Seeing Machines Pty Limited.

76Iawards ICT MedRelTsr

Two world-leading CSIRO technologies have been honoured at this year's AIIA iAwards, announced last night at a gala event as part of Innovation Week and CeBIT Australia.

Science to move 'in the groove' information sheet

Download the information sheet about our wearable body mapping garments being used by Australian netballers to improve athlete skills. (2 pages)

Sensor and Sensor Networks: 2009-2010 Year in Review

This annual report highlights CSIRO's activities and scientific achievements in sensor network technologies from July 2009 to June 2010. (56 pages)

Reditus™ finite-element exotic options plug-in for FENICS™ FX

A one-page flyer about Reditus™, the first commercial options-pricing software to incorporate finite-element method as its core engine.  The Reditus™ finite-element exotic option plug-in can be used to create new models to price financial options accurately and quickly.

CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences 2008–09: Foundations for CSIRO's solutions

This booklet provides a snapshot of CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences highlights for the 2008–09 financial year. (2 pages)

Reditus™ Monte-Carlo/analytic plug-in for FENICS™ FX

A one-page flyer that outlines the instrument options for the Reditus™ MC/analytic plug-ins.

Robots on the Run teacher's guide

CSIRO Education runs the Robots on the Run hands-on workshop in South Australia for students from Years 6 to 9. Download the Robots & Artificial Intelligence teacher's guide for activities to do with your class.

Lose weight online with CSIRO (Podcast 19 Jul 2010)

Australians who are serious about losing weight are being asked to help CSIRO develop a web-based diet management program. (6:14)

Outback Joe ‘almost saved’ by flying robots (Podcast 08 Oct 2010)

Finding ‘Outback Joe’ was serious fun for the international teams competing in the A$50,000 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Outback Challenge in Kingaroy, regional Queensland. (7:19)

Maths versus the flu: modelling the growth of an epidemic (Podcast 29 Oct 2010)

New methods for detecting disease outbreaks earlier have been developed in a collaborative effort between CSIRO and NSW Health. (6:30)

43ScannerContract ICT MedRelTsr

A contract for the construction and supply of cutting edge neutron scanning technology was today signed by the CEOs of Customs and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Stand-alone Reditus™: stochastic and local volatilities for exotic options

A one-page flyer about Reditus™, a dynamic design, pricing and trading tool for the finance industry.  It is the first commercial options-pricing software to incorporate stochastic volatility and instantaneous volatility models.

194ICTCentreLaunch ICT MedRelTsr

Today's launch of the CSIRO ICT Centre represents a huge opportunity for the Australian information and communication technologies (ICT) sector as it seeks to raise Australia's profile in the fiercely competitive global market, according to Chief Scientist, Dr Robin Batterham.

Robots on the Run student worksheets

CSIRO Education runs hands-on workshops in South Australia on robotics for students from Years 6 to 9. Download these robotics student worksheets before your session.

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