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Dr Rodolfo Garcia-Flores: optimising complex industrial processes

Dr Rodolfo Garcia-Flores is a Post Doctoral Fellow at CSIRO, specialising in Multi-agent Systems, Optimisation and Data Mining.

Dr Richard Jarrett: helping decision-makers understand risk

Dr Richard Jarrett heads a team of researchers who develop new ways of measuring and understanding risk.

Landmark achievement for CSIRO wireless sensor network

A network of independent wireless sensors has reached its first anniversary of continuous operation at the CSIRO ICT Centre in Brisbane.

CSIRO builds smart farm

CSIRO is working towards the 'Smart Farm' of the future with research focussing on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) and their potential to transform the Australian agriculture industry.

Innovative financial services

CSIRO researchers combine mathematical expertise with a thorough understanding of how finance markets work to bring innovative solutions to the finance industry.

Great white shark’s incredible journey (Podcast 02 Nov 2006)

In this seven-minute podcast, CSIRO’s Mr Barry Bruce talks about a female great white shark who travelled thousands of kilometres around the Australian coast. (7:02)

Playing the air guitar (Podcast 13 Nov 2006)

Dr Richard Helmer talks about a shirt that lets the user play real music on an air guitar in this podcast. (5:00)

DataTraceDNA takes up fight against fake art fraudsters (Podcast 02 Mar 2007)

In this six minute podcast Mr Greg Twemlow from DataTraceDNA explains how technology developed by CSIRO is tackling the problem of fake art. (6:02)

Tracking rock stars, athletes and emergency workers by wireless (Podcast 25 Jul 2008)

A new wireless localisation system developed by the CSIRO has the capacity to monitor the location, movement and health of athletes, emergency workers in dangerous locations, and even entertainers on stage. The ICT Centre’s Dr Mark Hedley explains that the system even extends to horse racing. (5:09)

Dial H for health (Podcast 06 May 2009)

Patients who have been treated in hospital for cardiac health problems, such as a heart attack, are being given a powerful new option to help set them on the path to good health. (5:01)

Listening to nature’s voice (Podcast 07 May 2010)

New CSIRO technology is allowing scientists to listen to wildlife in Australia’s remote northern tropical savannas without leaving the laboratory. (5:57)

CSIRO technology underpinning trusted, secure, multiparty collaborative environments

CSIRO is developing communication standards and an integrated set of technologies to allow many parties to work together over a computer network.

Phenonet: wireless sensors in agriculture

The High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre is using CSIRO-developed smart sensor nodes to record microclimate and plant data in the field in an effort to select new plant varieties suited to difficult growing conditions.

The latest equipment for farmers: wireless sensor networks

CSIRO is providing sensor web and smart sensor network solutions to the agricultural sector.

Research into wine supply networks

CSIRO is applying cutting-edge mathematics to all aspects of wine supply networks to improve efficiency and deliver higher quality wines to consumers. CSIRO is applying cutting-edge mathematics to all aspects of wine supply networks to improve efficiency and deliver higher quality wines to consumers.

Wearable instrument shirt: tambourine

This video shows scientists demonstrating the wearable instrument shirt playing as a simple moderately paced tambourine rhythm with occasional accents that simulate a tambourine being shaken as well as tapped for accent. (0:21)

Wearable instrument shirt: guiro

An video demonstrating the wearable instrument shirt playing a simple moderately paced rhythm with occasional accents that simulate a guiro being stroked slowly upward and struck downward quickly. (0:11)

Creating a wireless world

CSIRO is working on enabling technologies for future mobile and wireless communications networks and developing next generation imaging and sensing systems. CSIRO is developing improved communications systems and sensors for innovative medical and industrial applications.

CSIRO in global push to develop the Web

CSIRO hosts the Australian World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Office, developing common protocols promoting the evolution of the Web and ensuring its interoperability.

VegTrack: natural resource management database

VegTrack provides users with critical natural resource management information to monitor and assess their activities.

Trust can be portable

CSIRO has developed the world's first portable trusted computing platform that enables users to do business across the Internet from any computer with confidence.

Maths puts car rentals on the road to success

CSIRO mathematicians helped THL Rentals optimise their reservation system to give customers the right vehicle, when and where they want it.

Text analysis tools to find what you’re looking for

CSIRO is developing analysis technologies that work out the meaning within the written word.

Science of human behaviour informs tax system review

How can ‘doing your tax’ be made simpler? Science has some answers.

Improving social welfare services with powerful data analysis

CSIRO is developing sophisticated technologies to help the Department of Human Services (DHS) understand and respond to unexpected trends in demand for social worker services.

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