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Water in the Mitchell region fact sheet

A fact sheet on water in the Mitchell region from the Northern Australia Sustainable Yields Project. (4 pages)

SEED Working Paper 24: A water accounting system for strategic water management

This 59-page working paper is number 2008-14, the 24th paper in the Socio-Economics and the Environment in Discussion (SEED) working paper series.


Researchers are developing information technologies to lift the accuracy of water resource monitoring and better equip the nation's water managers to plan ahead.

Griffith, NSW (Griffith Laboratory)

CSIRO’s Griffith Laboratory is home to research in irrigation and dryland systems.

Validating a Remotely Sensed Index of Landscape Leakiness in the Burdekin Dry Tropics, Queensland

This report rigorously validates the Leakiness Index (a remote sensing-based tool to monitor change in grazing land condition) in the Burdekin catchment of North Queensland. (38 pages)

CLLAMMecology newsletter 2

This CLLAMMecology newsletter details research activites undertaken in the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth region of South Australia. (6 pages)

Financial-economic analysis of current best-management-practices in the Tully-Murray catchment

This study analyses the cost-effectiveness of the most promising best-management-practices for water quality improvement in sugarcane, horticulture, grazing and forestry production in the Tully-Murray catchment. (48 pages)

Science for tomorrow: New developments

This article from Farming Ahead contains four stories on a revised grassfire guide, a new water yield assessment project, a genomic tool to speed up genetic gain in sheep breeding and a long-term ocean observation network. (1 page)

Developing reasonable Assurance Points of Reference for Water Quality Management

This 68-page report aims to describe a set of achievable adoption rates for the management measures included within Water Quality Improvement Plans (WQIPs).

Water in the Roper region report

Report on water in the Roper region of the Gulf of Carpentaria Drainage Division from the Northern Australia Sustainable Yields Report. (74 pages)

Tracking tool tackles water availability

This article from Farming Ahead discusses how scientists are building a powerful new observation system that can track water resources across the nation. (3 pages)

Lead and other heavy metals: common contaminants of rainwater

This conference paper details research by CSIRO and Monash University into the level of heavy metals in rainwater tanks in Melbourne. (9 pages)

Metadata catalogue of digital spatial datasets for the Tully-Murray catchments

A report that will assist managers to deliver on the Reef Water Quality Protection Plan to ensure the future of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. (137 pages)

Water in the Flinders-Leichhardt region report

Report on water in the Flinders-Leichhardt region of the Gulf of Carpentaria Drainage Division from the Northern Australia Sustainable Yields Report. (102 pages)

Paving the way for salt-tolerant wheat

The search for the genes that regulate salt tolerance and the possible production producing salt tolerant varieties of durum and bread wheats is describes in this article from Farming Ahead. (3 pages)

Measure soil water for better farming decisions

A two-page article about knowing the amount of soil water available to crops enables growers to make more confident management decisions.

149water CLW MedRelTsr

Australia could lead the world in water recycling, according to CSIRO scientists. We have the expertise; we have the technology - but do we have the will to go all the way?

Science for tomorrow: developments

Four CSIRO research projects from Farming Ahead: invigorating wheat production, accurately mapping water availability, weeding out the risk of pest plants and a survey to help refine seasonal forecasts. (1 page)

Water in the Western Cape region fact sheet

A fact sheet on water in the Western Cape region from the Northern Australia Sustainable Yields Project. (4 pages)

Review of current and future best-management-practices for sugarcane, horticulture, grazing, and forestry industries in the Tully-Murray catchment

This report outlines research undertaken in the Tully-Murray catchment of Far North Queensland which assesses the potential of specific management practices to improve water quality in the catchment. (59 pages)

Achieving successful change: towards effects-based strategies in the Great Barrier Reef

In this eight-page booklet, Dr Robert Ferrier, CSIRO Flagship Fellow in 2006, provides an independent and expert view on science challenges facing the Great Barrier Reef and CSIRO's role in changing reef outcomes.

Enzymes work on improving our world

An overview of CSIRO Entomology’s enzymatic research on the bioremediation of contaminated soil and water, enhanced fossil fuel recovery and the development of synthetic enzymes. (2 pages)

Speaker's notes and abstracts: hydrological consequences of climate change symposium

Download the full program with presentation abstracts for the Hydrological Consequences of Climate Change Symposium to be held in Canberra, ACT, 15-16 November 2007. (80 pages)

Enzyme product removes pesticides from water

This overview explains how CSIRO scientists have developed a powerful new technology that removes pesticide and herbicide residues from water. (2 pages)

‘Leakiness’ index to aid land management

This article from Farming Ahead describes a computer-based index devised by CSIRO researchers that can estimate the ‘leakiness’ of grazed, arid and semi-arid rangeland landscapes by using a combination of remote sensing and geographic information system technologies. (3 pages)

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