Scanning electron microscope image of the reproductive apex of a barley plant (Hordeum vulgare).


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What’s our role in the search for missing flight MH370?

Many people have been asking CSIRO for our take on the situation, the ocean, the technology being used to find the debris of the plane – so we wanted to let you know how our technology is being used and how we’re assisting the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

WLAN technology wins international patent award

The CSIRO team that invented a faster system for wireless local area networking – which later became the foundation of Wi-Fi in its most popular form today – has won a European Inventor Award 2012.

No more cloudy days for solar

For a country with so much sunlight, some might think Australia has been slow to adapt its electricity generation mix to include solar power.

Far-flung dung beetles here to ‘finish the job’

Specially chosen for their spring frenzy and voracious appetite for dung, two new species of European dung beetles have arrived in Australia to improve cattle pastures and finish off a job well started through more than 40 years of dung beetle work by CSIRO and partners.

There's more star-stuff out there but it's not Dark Matter

More atomic hydrogen gas - the ultimate fuel for stars - is lurking in today's Universe than we thought.

Dual SKA site welcomed by CSIRO

The A$2.5 billion Square Kilometre Array radio telescope will be deployed in Australia-New Zealand, as well as South Africa, the international SKA Organisation in Manchester, UK, announced yesterday.

Methane emissions under our watch

Efforts to reduce livestock methane emissions in Australia received a major boost with the launch of a new research cluster drawing on Universities and leading world research organisations including CSIRO.

Investigator looking ship shape

Australia’s new Marine National Facility vessel will start looking ship shape as hundreds of tonnes of steel are lifted into place, to form part of the keel of RV Investigator.

Teaming up on titanium: CSIRO joins forces with US

US Energy Department Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with CSIRO to explore ways to improve efficiency for powders used as feedstock in the production of titanium components.

Latest Southern Ocean research shows continuing deep ocean change

New research by teams of Australian and US scientists has found there has been a massive reduction in the amount of Antarctic Bottom Water found off the coast of Antarctica.

New approach to 'spell checking' gene sequences

A PhD student from CSIRO and the University of Queensland has found a better way to 'spell check' gene sequences.

Global Research Alliance annual meeting hosted by CSIRO

Uniting international science and technology expertise to solve challenges in the developing world.

International recognition for WLAN technology

The CSIRO team that invented a faster system for wireless local area networking – which later became the foundation of Wi-Fi in its most popular form today – has been named as a finalist in the European Inventor Award 2012.

Experts collaborate for brighter future in electronics

A group of leading Australian scientists has come together to develop lower-cost flexible optoelectronic solutions that could transform the Australian consumer electronics industry.

Earth's water cycle intensifying with atmospheric warming

A clear change in salinity has been detected in the world’s oceans, signalling shifts and an acceleration in the global rainfall and evaporation cycle.

Resistant starch may offer potential to help protect against bowel cancer

Consumption of resistant starch leads to positive changes in the bowel and could protect against genetic damage implicated in bowel cancer.

Australia's bioeconomy blossoms with supercharged safflower

New varieties of the safflower plant containing the world's highest levels of valuable oleic acid are in the pipeline for Australian grain growers thanks to breakthrough research at CSIRO.

CSIRO and Lonza partner to bring new bee silk products to the world

CSIRO and Lonza have formed a partnership to bring new insect silk products to the global market.

East Australian Current on science watch

CSIRO oceanographers leave Brisbane this week on a 10-day, $2 million research voyage they believe will generate the most complete profile yet of one of Australia’s most influential environmental features, the East Australian Current.

East Asia Summit

Researchers and policy makers from East Asia and Australia will meet to shared insights about from case studies across the East Asian region which focus on urban sustainability and adaptation to climate change urban areas

Handheld plasma flashlight rids skin of bacteria instantly

A group of Chinese and Australian scientists, including CSIRO, have developed a handheld, battery-powered plasma-producing device that can rid skin of bacteria in an instant.

Biological control – a natural solution in the war on weeds

Biological control has an outstanding history and great future potential in the battle to control the invasive weeds that impact Australia’s landscapes, biodiversity and agriculture, according to CSIRO.

Record wheat yield raises the bar for Queensland irrigators

Queensland's highest recorded wheat yield was achieved on the Darling Downs last year thanks to new management guidelines from CSIRO.

Carbon capture technology moves a step closer

This week CSIRO will release its latest findings to the Australian Government on carbon dioxide capture technology following a four-year A$21 million research program aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from Australian coal-fired power stations.

17th Century Dutch explorers help the Atlas reach a major milestone - 30 million records!

The Atlas of Living Australia added its 30 millionth biodiversity record last week, making it the largest collection of information on Australia’s plants, animals and fungi. CSIRO is a major partner in the Atlas which is a ‘one-stop shop’ for Australian biodiversity information with a quest to build a clearer picture of Australia’s biodiversity.

Worried about rising energy bills? CSIRO can help

With energy bills skyrocketing, CSIRO is looking for Melbourne and Brisbane volunteers that want to make a dent in those big power bills that arrive every quarter.

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