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Solving Australia’s energy puzzle (Podcast 19 Aug 2011)

CSIRO is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help develop technologies, change behaviours and map the pathway to a clean, viable and secure energy future. (8:56)

Climate change forcing 'move it or lose it' decisions (Podcast 10 Aug 2011)

Relocating species threatened by climate change is a radical and hotly debated strategy for maintaining biodiversity. (11:07)

Getting to know you: CSIRO’s social media monitoring tool (Podcast 04 Aug 2011)

CSIRO's social media monitoring tool is transforming the way Centrelink listens, understands and responds to customer feedback from social media. (6:22)

Cutting steelmakers GHG (Podcast 29 Jul 2011)

In response to climate change, CSIRO is working with Australian steel manufacturers BlueScope and OneSteel on two significant projects aimed at delivering deep cuts in net greenhouse gas emissions associated with the steel making process. (8:17)

Venice to flood less under climate change (Podcast 19 Jul 2011)

A team of scientists studying climate impacts have found that the frequency of extreme storm surge events generated by Adriatic Sea tempests could fall by about 30 per cent by 2100. (7:07)

Scientists eradicate deadly cattle disease (Podcast 13 Jul 2011)

Elimination of the deadly cattle plague virus rinderpest makes it the first animal disease in history to have been wiped out by humans. (10:43)

CSIRO's vaccine protects from deadly Hendra virus (Podcast 05 Jul 2011)

CSIRO scientists have shown that a new experimental vaccine helps to protect horses against the deadly Hendra virus. (11:42)

In science we trust: 78 per cent believe in climate change (Podcast 01 Jul 2011)

Scientific research shows that most Australians are sure about climate change and that those who have a preference for inaction are in the minority. (9:24)

Solar power tower: getting plugged into the next big thing (Podcast 21 Jun 2011)

In a first of its kind for Australia, CSIRO has designed and built the most adaptable, dynamic solar research facility in the world.  The large-scale demonstration site will be an international hub for researching and commercialising concentrated solar energy technologies. (11:55)

Beneath the waves of an interactive ocean (Podcast 17 Jun 2011)

CSIRO has developed a science-meets-game-engine website that allows users to interact with lifelike, three-dimensional animations of fish in their underwater environment. The site offers stories of the animals and illustrates aspects of CSIRO's tagging research. (6:59)

Motherboard earth: modelling catastrophic fluid flows (Podcast 09 Jun 2011)

CSIRO mathematicians are creating computational models of events like floods, dam breaks and tsunamis to aid understanding and planning for these phenomena.

Climate change is putting fish in hot water (Podcast 03 Jun 2011)

Australian scientists have reported the first known detrimental impact of southern hemisphere ocean warming on a fish species. (10:30)

Aviation biofuel nears the runway (Podcast 25 May 2011)

A study conducted for Australia and New Zealand’s main aviation players by the CSIRO has found that a sustainable aviation biofuels industry is viable for the region and could have major economic benefits. (10:29)

Changing manufacturing layer by layer (Podcast 20 May 2011)

CSIRO’s John Barnes is leading a group of research teams focused on revolutionary additive manufacturing technologies which are expanding Australia's titanium processing industry. (11:31)

CSIRO’s definitive guide to controlling diabetes (Podcast 10 May 2011)

The same CSIRO team that produced the revolutionary CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet books has partnered with the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute to produce an evidence-based resource covering every aspect of type 2 diabetes prevention and control. (9:22)

Web of life: Australian biodiversity goes online (Podcast 06 May 2011)

An enterprising scientific partnership is bringing together vast amounts of information on Australian plants, animals and microorganisms for easy access to research scientists, policy makers, naturalists and others. (10:12)

Climate by nature impacts biology (Podcast 28 Apr 2011)

Biologists have been advised not to over-commit time and effort establishing broader climate change links to local ecological impacts. (8:44)

Build your own ant farm for better crop yields (Podcast 21 Apr 2011)

New research on ants and termites shows they can perform the same ecosystem service functions in dryland agriculture that earthworms perform in cooler and wetter areas, but the potential for ants and termites to provide these benefits is yet to be realised by farmers.

Australia's pathway to a low carbon economy (Podcast 12 Apr 2011)

A new initiative called the Integrated Carbon Pathways project is being spearheaded by CSIRO to help create – rather than close – options in a carbon constrained world says CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark. (9:32)

Staying healthy under climate change: a long-term prescription (Podcast 06 Apr 2011)

Protecting urban Australians from a range of health risks associated with global warming is the focus of a new research cluster that will investigate health issues ranging from the spread of mosquito-borne diseases to heat stress, air pollution and food security. (10:51)

Fighting the blob with mining by-products (Podcast 31 Mar 2011)

CSIRO research has shown that some mining by-products can be effective in preventing nutrients from entering river systems, thereby reducing the potential for algal blooms. (6:56)

Going wireless in the bush: the revolution will be televised (Podcast 22 Mar 2011)

CSIRO is developing wireless broadband technology that could operate using barely a quarter the number of transmission towers required by current systems. (8:51)

Growing beyond oil with biofuel (Podcast 16 Mar 2011)

Transforming waste plant material into a sustainable, low-emission fuel for the world’s cars, trucks and planes is the aim of a new research collaboration between CSIRO and leading Australian and UK universities. (9:48)

Mining, minerals and megatrends (Podcast 09 Mar 2011)

As a resource-hungry world looks to Australia for depleting natural resources, being able to deliver ‘more from less’ will require not only science and innovation, but a change to the way we do that science says CSIRO Chief Executive, Dr Megan Clark. (10:11)

A sick future: the risk of new and emerging disease (Podcast 04 Mar 2011)

More than 600 international experts in human, animal and environmental health met in Melbourne recently to discuss disease risks and challenges brought about by the interactions between animals, humans and the environment. (8:37)

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