Agriculture and Food

Our Agriculture and Food team is helping Australian farmers and industry improve productivity and sustainability.

Our research

  • Animal science

    We work with livestock farmers and allied industries to improve their productivity, profitability and sustainability through better livestock breeds and management practices.

  • Digital agriculture

    Agriculture of the future will be digitally integrated at all stages of production, from understanding genetics to transport logistics. We are using our expertise in digital innovation and agriculture to improve decision making for farmers, agribusiness, policy-makers and researchers.

  • Aquaculture

    Our aquaculture research is undertaken with commercial partners and fosters the development of quality products such as healthy, genetically-superior animals raised on efficient, sustainable feeds.

  • Food science

    Our expertise in food science helps the Australian food industry compete in domestic and global markets and make food products for Australian consumers that are safe, sustainable and taste great.

  • Food security

    The future world demand for food will place huge pressure on global food systems.

  • Plant science

    We're helping cropping farmers more profitably and sustainably feed and clothe Australia and our export markets. We do this by helping improve plant breeds, better manage increasingly scarce resources such as water, and keep pests and diseases at bay.

  • Sustainable farm management

    We're working with farmers to develop new tools and management practices to increase profitability and productivity, reduce resource use and maintain ecosystem health.

  • Do business with Agriculture and Food

    We are at the forefront of innovation, providing solutions for cropping, livestock production, aquaculture, horticulture and the food industry. Find out more about the opportunities to work with us.

  • People

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