Sustainable farm management

We're working with farmers to develop new tools and management practices to increase profitability and productivity, reduce resource use and maintain ecosystem health.

  • Decision support tools

    We have been working with the agricultural community and industry for over 80 years with a focus on developing practical solutions to the challenges the Australian environment throws at us. The following tools were developed to provide pertinent information to support sustainable and profitable decision-making.

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

    Pests cause extensive damage to crops. We’re working with industry to develop effective and sustainable pest control in agriculture using the principles of integrated pest management.

  • Precision agriculture

    Our Precision Agriculture research is addressing key challenges in a range of farming systems, including viticulture, broadacre cropping, dairy and sugar farming. We're working with industry to develop and refine tools to assess, monitor and redress environmental and economic risks associated with agricultural practices.

  • Soil, water and landscapes

    Australia's soils and landscapes constitute one of the country's most valuable assets, critical to food production, sustainable agriculture and our health. Our research spans national and international scales to inform land use planning, policy options and natural resource assessment.


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