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  • Bull sharks swimming Shark research

    We’re investigating the ecology, bio-geography and taxonomy of sharks and rays, and their population dynamics, to support fisheries, conservation and biodiversity management in Australia and neighbouring nations.

  • a fluffy grey rabbit sitting on a grassy patch Rabbits

    The release of the two rabbit biocontrol agents - Myxoma virus and Rabbit Calicivirus - led to a dramatic reduction of Australia’s rabbit population and has recovered more than $70 billion to the agricultural industries since 1950.

  • Close up of a grey kangaroo's face Atlas of Living Australia

    The Atlas provides free, online access to a vast repository of information about Australia's amazing biodiversity. It brings together data such as species distribution, images, maps, identification tools and molecular data.

Our research

  • Insects

    From the detailed studies of the Australian National Insect Collection through to our complex work on insect ecology, we've got Australian insects under the microscope.

  • Managing pests and weeds

    From invasions of ants, fruit flies, rabbits and carp through to plants that grow where they're not wanted, we're tackling a range of pests in the Australian environment.

  • Wildlife

    From tracking sharks to tracing evolution of birds, we're up close and personal with a range of animals.

  • Wild plants and forestry

    Our work spans the genetics of seeds right through to sustainable forestry practices to better understand the flora of Australia.