Wild plants and forestry

Our work spans the genetics of seeds right through to sustainable forestry practices to better understand the flora of Australia.

  • Forests in the landscape

    We're developing strategies for keeping Australia's forests productive and healthy into the future, so that they continue to provide us with a range of products and services like timber, habitat and clean water. This research contributes to carbon sequestration and forest sustainability.

    Primary topic: Landscape management

  • The Atlas of Living Australia

    The Atlas provides free, online access to a vast repository of information about Australia's amazing biodiversity. It brings together data such as species distribution, images, maps, identification tools and molecular data.

    Primary topic: National Research Collections

  • About the Australian National Algae Culture Collection

    Our collection is an internationally significant resource holding living cultures of more than 1000 microalgae strains. The collection supports vital research and is regularly accessed by industry, universities and researchers.

    Primary topic: Algae collection

  • About the Australian National Herbarium

    The Australian National Herbarium houses a major collection of plant specimens from across the country, providing invaluable scientific information about our native flora.

    Primary topic: Plant collection

  • About Australian Tree Seed Centre

    The Australian Tree Seed Centre is one of our National Research Collections. It is managed as a collection and research centre for Australian native tree species.

    Primary topic: Australian Tree Seed Centre


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