From tracking sharks to tracing evolution of birds, we're up close and personal with a range of animals.

  • Shark research

    We’re investigating the ecology, bio-geography and taxonomy of sharks and rays, and their population dynamics, to support fisheries, conservation and biodiversity management in Australia and neighbouring nations.

    Primary topic: Marine resources

  • Our wildlife sound archive

    Our archive of wildlife sound recordings is the most comprehensive library of its kind in Australia and is among the largest in the world.

    Primary topic: About our wildlife collection

  • What our wildlife collection holds

    We hold almost 200 000 irreplaceable scientific specimens of wildlife, including skins, skeletons, specimens in spirit, bird egg collections, a wildlife sound library and frozen tissue.

    Primary topic: About our wildlife collection

  • The Atlas of Living Australia

    The Atlas provides free, online access to a vast repository of information about Australia's amazing biodiversity. It brings together data such as species distribution, images, maps, identification tools and molecular data.

    Primary topic: National Research Collections

  • Priority threat management to protect Kimberley wildlife

    Expert ecologists and land managers in the Kimberley region have worked together to prioritise threat management options to protect native wildlife in the region.

    Primary topic: Monitoring biodiversity

  • Reading the trail of evolution in crimson rosellas

    Our research uncovered clues as to how different populations of the crimson rosella are related to each other. This helps us understand the effect of long-term environmental changes on our wildlife, so that we can predict its future.

    Primary topic: Wildlife research

  • Tiger parrots show their true evolutionary stripes

    Genetic research undertaken with the New Mexico State University in the United States has helped scientists better understand how Australian birds evolved.

    Primary topic: Wildlife research

  • What our fish collection holds

    Our Australian National Fish Collection contains mostly marine species, particularly deep water fishes and sharks and rays from Australia, Antarctica and the Indo-Pacific region.

    Primary topic: Fish collection


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