Technologies for astronomy

We develop new technologies for our own and other leading international telescopes so that astronomers can see further into the Universe, and faster, than ever before.

  • Developing world-class radio receivers

    Our expertise in astronomy engineering includes designing and constructing the equipment needed to receive and amplify radio waves from space.

  • Building signal-processing systems

    We design and build high-speed signal-processing systems to turn 'space whispers' into information.

  • Compact Array Broadband Backend upgrade project

    A recent major upgrade to our Australia Telescope Compact Array telescope has greatly enhanced its capability for scientific discovery, and has lead to the next generation of telescope signal-processing systems.

  • Bringing WiFi to the world

    We invented and patented wireless local area network (WLAN) in the 1990s – a technology that has given us the freedom to work wirelessly in our homes and offices.

    Primary topic: Wireless and networks


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