Improving access to services

We're developing new online and mobile technologies to improve access to services and health outcomes for all Australians.

The Challenge

Growing demand for healthcare

There is increasing pressure on our health system, as the demand for services increases due to chronic disease and an ageing population, coupled with the development of new clinical treatments and technologies.

Meanwhile, many rural and regional areas of Australia have limited access to appropriate care resulting in higher hospitalisation rates and poorer health outcomes.

Our Response

Developing broadband and mobile communication solutions

We are working with the health sector on practical, digitally enabled solutions to improve access to health services for all Australians.

We have the skills and expertise to develop robust digital productivity tools to create operational efficiencies, better manage resources and improve patient safety and health outcomes.

We are leveraging broadband and mobile communication, with a particular focus on:

  • services and tools for clinicians and patients in rural and remote locations
  • predictive risk tools for in-home health monitoring of chronic disease
  • mobile and internet platforms that deliver rehabilitation and outpatient services.

These new and intelligent tools are improving the way health services are delivered and can provide a better quality of care to patients.

Case studies

  • Home monitoring of chronic diseases

    Delivering healthcare via telecommunications could open up home monitoring of aged care patients with chronic diseases, improving health outcomes and significantly saving costs.

  • Living at home longer

    Helping older people live at home for longer is the aim of a low-cost and non-invasive sensor, monitoring and support system we're developing.

  • Rehab app for better recovery

    We've developed a new digital platform for total knee replacement rehabilitation which aims to assist patients manage their surgery preparation and speed up recovery.

  • Smartphone app a lifesaver for cardiac patients

    We’ve developed and trialled an online cardiac rehabilitation program that can improve program completion rates and patient health outcomes.

  • Sight saving science

    We’ve developed, and have trialled, new technology to enable remote delivery of specialist eye care to Indigenous and older Australians living in rural and remote areas.


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