Managing invasive alien species

A key challenge for Australia is managing the devastating impacts that invasive alien species - including pests, weeds and diseases - inflict on our economy, environment, health and way of life. We deliver research-based solutions to reduce the impact they pose to Australia’s industries, biodiversity, ecosystem services and urban environments.

  • Biological control of invasive alien species

    We research new biological control options to provide sustainable continental scale management for some of Australia’s major weed and feral pest animal problems.

  • Eradicating invasive ants

    CSIRO researchers are leading the way in understanding the ecology, impacts and control of invasive alien ant species.

  • Managing horticultural pests using new technologies

    CSIRO is researching non-chemical solutions for pest disinfestation and disease control in horticultural products using novel new technologies such as microwave, ultrasound and high pressure processing.


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