Nutrition and health

We deliver innovation to Australia's food, health and wellness industries, resulting in significant health and economic benefits for Australians.

  • Developing effective diet and lifestyle programs

    Improving our understanding of the causes of obesity provides the evidence base for the development and implementation of effective diet and lifestyle programs.

  • International meat survey

    CSIRO are seeking participants for an international survey that seeks to understand differences in cultural attitudes and consumer trends regarding meat purchasing, preparation and consumption in different countries

  • Nutrition and gut health

    Our research seeks to develop a better understanding of the role of food and nutrition in gut health, for the development of diets, foods and supplements that improve the health of the digestive system.

  • Personalised nutrition and healthy ageing

    By understanding the fundamental basis of individual health at the level of our DNA, we can develop targeted dietary strategies that are more effective in keeping people healthy.

  • Healthier meals for the community’s most vulnerable

    Community Chef is a social enterprise that provides quality meals for people nutritionally at risk, often the elderly, people with a disability, hospital patients and aged care residents. The company collaborated with CSIRO and Food Innovation Australia (FIAL) through the SME Solution Centre to support the long term food security and nutritional well-being of those most vulnerable in the community.


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