Protecting animal and human health

Over history, countless pandemics have impacted the lives of millions of people. This risk remains very real. Our scientists are providing the knowledge, tools and countermeasures to help control and mitigate outbreaks of emerging diseases and are working to underpin national security preparedness against pandemic and bioterrorist threats.

  • Zoonotic disease threat

    Our scientists are world leaders in investigating zoonotic diseases - those that have the ability to pass between animals and people.

  • Studying disease-carrying insects

    Our scientists are studying disease-carrying mosquitoes and other insects to understand what viruses they carry, how they develop immunity to the diseases they carry and how they transmit disease throughout the environment.

  • Gene technology and biosecurity research

    We use a range of scientific techniques and processes, including gene technology, as tools to help us in the fight against emerging animal diseases.


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