Australian National Algae Culture Collection

This collection is a unique resource of Australian biodiversity, containing living cultures of marine and freshwater species from most microalgal classes sourced from tropical Australia to Antarctica.

  • About the Australian National Algae Culture Collection

    Our collection is an internationally significant resource holding living cultures of more than 1000 microalgae strains. The collection supports vital research and is regularly accessed by industry, universities and researchers.

  • Understanding the biodiversity of microalgae

    Many microalgae look very similar but are actually highly biodiverse. In our waterways, this has important ecological implications. For industry, understanding microalgal biodiversity can underpin our use of algae to make products like biofuels.

  • Bioproducts from microalgae

    Microalgae are an untapped source of bioproducts for biofuels and for nutritional, aquaculture, medical and environmental applications.

  • Algae environmental research

    Microalgae are the key to the health of the planet. They are the basis of the aquatic food chain playing a key role in the environmental health of oceans, rivers and freshwaters.

  • Australian National Algae Supply Service

    We provide high quality microalgae 'starter' cultures and complementary technical advice to industry, the research sector and educational institutions.

  • ANACC staff

    Contact details for staff of the Australian National Algae Culture Collection.


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