Collection resources for researchers and visitors

The Australian National Insect Collection has a range of collection-based resources for researchers and visitors to use. It includes information about loans, protocols, and policies as well as access to information about our holdings.

  • Accessing our data

    ANIC is an important research collection used by CSIRO researchers, university staff and students, and scientists from Australian and international research organisations.

  • Specimen loans

    Researchers can come to visit or borrow material from our facility. Only researchers who are associated with a CITES-registered institution can borrow material for research purposes.

  • ANIC primary types

    ANIC supplies an Excel spreadsheet of its primary types to facilitate systematic research

  • Permit requirements for collecting insects in Australia

    Each region in Australia manages their own permits and the conditions vary from state to state.

  • Destructive sampling: insect collection

    Destructive or invasive sampling of specimens for research purposes generally involves irreversible changes (including complete destruction) to the samples.

  • ANIC historical archives

    These ANIC archives provide an index to all documentary material directly associated with ANIC and its history. (An archived document included on this page may not be accessible to assistive technologies.)


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