Data61 is the largest data innovation group in Australia. Bringing together our Digital Productivity team and National ICT Australia (NICTA), we are unrivalled in our intellectual capital and our network with the global technology marketplace.

Our research

  • Big data and analytics

    Our challenge is to turn big, complex data sets into knowledge. We work with hospitals, environmental managers, banks, scientists and many others to help them understand their data.

  • Cybersecurity

    By utilising our advanced capabilities in software systems, machine learning, networks and optimisation, we are developing software systems that are inherently more robust, trustworthy and resilient to emergent cyber threats.

  • Imaging and visualisation

    We're using our expertise to extract data from images, and to visualise data to create meaning.

  • Robotics, autonomous systems and sensing platforms

    We’re developing robots, autonomous technologies and sensing platforms that improve operating safety and efficiency, delivering customised solutions to industry.

  • Wireless and networks

    We're developing wireless communication and networking solutions that are contributing to the nation's economic growth and prosperity.

  • Data for decisions

    We're using tools and technologies to extract and analyse information from vast volumes of data, supporting decision making in the digital economy.

  • Software engineering and UX design

    Our team of software engineers, user experience (UX) specialists and designers are bridging the gap from research to real-world use to achieve impact.

  • Do business with Data61

    We work in partnership with businesses, universities and governments. Work with us to create our data-driven future.

  • People

    Meet our science and business contacts for CSIRO's Data61.