Big data and analytics

Our challenge is to turn big, complex data sets into knowledge. We work with hospitals, environmental managers, banks, scientists and many others to help them understand their data.

  • Bioinformatics

    Bioinformatics underpins advances in life sciences research. It is at the heart of studies to unravel complex plant, animal, microbial, ecological, conservation, biology and environmental systems, as well as infectious disease and human health research.

  • Confidential data

    We’ve developed technology that allows personal or commercially sensitive data to be statistically analysed while protecting confidentiality and privacy.

  • Environmental data

    We turn environmental data into robust projections that can be used for impact and risk assessments and to develop policy guidelines.

  • Understanding risk

    We help industries from healthcare to finance to biosecurity deal with uncertainty, assess risk, carry out surveillance and detect adverse events.

  • Data for decisions

    We're using tools and technologies to extract and analyse information from vast volumes of data, supporting decision making in the digital economy.

    Primary topic: Data for decisions


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