We help industries from healthcare to finance to biosecurity deal with uncertainty, assess risk, carry out surveillance and detect adverse events.

The challenge

Making decisions in the face of uncertainty

The challenge in managing risks is to reduce the frequency and severity of adverse events. Credit risk, cyclone risk, import risk, health risk, pesticide-impact risk - the risk of adverse events that can lead to financial losses, negative social impacts and environmental damage is faced by many industries.

Risk assessment and analysis can help industries make better decisions and manage uncertainty.

Our response

Developing risk frameworks and analytics

Good risk management practices require a sound mathematical base. We are world leaders in developing empirically-based risk frameworks and understanding the specific needs of different industries.

We specialise in surveillance, anomaly detection, uncertainty, real-time monitoring, response planning and decision making. While we typically work with big data, we also work at the opposite end of the scale where little or no data exists, such as rare or extreme events.

Our work in risk management for different industries spans:

  • environmental risk, where we develop ways to assess and manage risk in environmental and ecological systems through better decision making
  • biosecurity risk, including early detection of disease outbreaks and 
  • financial risk and options pricing.

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