Trustworthy systems

We are developing software systems with unprecedented security, safety, reliability and efficiency.

The Challenge

The growing need to trust and depend on highly complex and interconnected software systems

Modern societies and economies are heavily dependent on software systems. More and more sensitive data, including about health and finances, is being stored on computer systems.

Failure or misbehaviour of software systems – either through errors or cyber attacks – can have significant consequences: leakage of sensitive information, damage to physical assets or harm or death to people. Such outcomes also undermine public confidence - witness the publicity in even mainstream media of a wireless-access cyber-attack demonstration of a US car ahead of a presentation at Blackhat 2015.

We tackle the challenge of building trustworthy software systems.

Our Response

Security in software systems

To create trustworthy software we must be able to guarantee that it behaves as it was designed to and its execution must not be affected by any failures or attacks to the system.

We're working with our partners on large and complex systems, using our seL4 microkernel as a base component to develop whole systems that can be formally verified.

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