Data for decisions

We're using tools and technologies to extract and analyse information from vast volumes of data, supporting decision making in the digital economy.

  • Disaster management in the digital age

    We are using data and modelling tools to inform emergency management processes, save lives and reduce the financial burden of disasters on the global economy.

  • Improving digital service delivery

    We're helping the public and private sectors take a proactive approach to transforming service delivery in the digital era, improving the customer experience and boosting productivity.

  • Optimising supply chains

    Using innovative simulation and modelling techniques, we're developing smart software tools that businesses can use to optimise their supply chains, improve port operations and maximise system throughput.

  • Solutions for business management

    In a rapidly changing world, we're helping businesses to keep up by developing innovative software solutions.

  • Solutions for the finance industry

    Combining our mathematical expertise with a thorough understanding of how markets work, we're bringing innovative software and solutions to the finance industry.

  • Supporting athlete performance

    Our modelling and tracking technologies are helping some of Australia's top athletes to achieve their best.

  • The science of social media

    Our suite of software tools can track important information on social media, in order to assist organisations in both the public and private sectors.


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