Supporting athlete performance

Our modelling and tracking technologies are helping some of Australia's top athletes to achieve their best.

The Challenge

Competition is fierce in elite sport

Elite athletes want to achieve their best, whether they swim, dive, run or play a team sport. At the same time, they want to avoid injuring their bodies.

Our Response

Tracking and modelling to improve performance

Using our expertise in sensing and tracking technologies, as well as our mathematical modelling capabilities, we've been working with some of Australia's top athletes to get the edge and avoid injury.

Case studies

  • Performance in the pool

    We're using our expertise in human performance modelling to give our swimmers and divers the edge at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Tracking the world's top athletes

    We’ve partnered with Catapult Sports, a world leader in athlete tracking devices, to deliver a new wireless tracking solution for indoor sports applications.

  • HeatWave: handheld thermal sensor

    HeatWave is a lightweight handheld device that delivers accurate real-time temperature information overlaid on a precise 3D model of an object or scene.


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