Combining our mathematical expertise with a thorough understanding of how markets work, we're bringing innovative software and solutions to the finance industry.

The challenge

Understanding and managing risk

Identifying and calculating risk is a core part of a financial institution's business. Banks, insurance providers and underwriters have to take account of operational, credit and market risk as part of their everyday operations.

As an independent organisation with extensive mathematical expertise and financial knowledge, we are in an excellent position to assist the Australian financial industry with high quality risk management.

Our unique technologies and risk-pricing approaches have been developed over 10 years of research and development. They are supported by expertise in statistics, applied mathematical analysis and IT.

Our response

Providing independent analysis

Since the global financial crisis, financial risk is even more at the forefront of people’s minds, and banks in particular have been in the spotlight to improve their risk management practices.

Banks must comply with various regulations, for example the Basell II accord – an international standard that regulators use to determine how much capital banks need to protect themselves against the financial and operational risks they face.

We can validate banks’ own risk models, delivering not just compliance with international regulations but a competitive advantage. We provide independent risk analysis to help financial institutions ensure their risk management practices are of the highest standard. For example, we developed a mathematical model to accurately quantify the risk for margin lending – where a customer borrows money to invest in shares and other financial products.

We also develop tools and software for pricing complex financial products. Our Reditus™ software is an innovative tool for pricing exotic options. It is used on a daily basis by a large number of global financial institutions.

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