Extracting data from images

Image analysis software allows computers to do many tasks normally carried out by eye. We specialise in fast, automated and quantitative analysis of complex images and spectrums.

The Challenge

Extracting high quality data from images

About 80 per cent of unstructured big data is made up of images and videos. However mining information from either big images or large numbers of images can be very challenging.

New imaging techniques, from hyper spectral to 3D time series, are capable of producing images that are so large they cannot even be loaded on to standard machines.

Our Response

Automating image analysis

We specialise in fast, automated and quantitative analysis of complex images by developing tools to maximise the quantity and quality of information that can be extracted from these images.

Like the human eye, our image analysis software can not only recognise and discriminate between objects but is also able to make detailed, accurate measurements. We can create stunning 3D models by fusing multiple views of objects and scenes. We can apply these techniques in plant and insect phenotyping as well as biological imaging.

We are also able to analyse time-lapse imaging sequences to characterise and understand processes including cell migration and tissue development. Some applications include:

  • high throughput image characterisation
  • image based phenomics for plants and animals
  • hyperspectral image analysis Product quality inspection
  • cellular image quantification
  • digitising our natural and cultural heritage collections
  • 3D segmentation and analysis of microstructures and vasculatures.

We also strive to maximise human understanding of data by creating immersive environments for interactive data visualisation. We match the algorithmic, graphics and imaging power of computers with the needs of users, from novice to expert.

Case studies

  • Assessing breast density automatically

    We’ve worked with the University of Melbourne to develop software to help identify women at higher risk of breast cancer and women potentially suited to personalised cancer screening strategies. This work was a merit recipient in the R&D category of the New South Wales iAwards 2015.

  • Seeing art from every angle

    A new and interactive experience for museum visitors to examine artefacts in three dimensional detail.

  • Scanning bugs in 3D

    Our new 3D imaging technology provides a faster and more accurate way of measuring the characteristics of microscopic bugs and insects in natural colour.

  • Faster drug discovery

    We have developed software that rapidly and accurately provides vital information on cells to aid drug discovery and biological research.

  • Cracking the case on road monitoring

    Our RoadCrack imaging technology automates the task of surveying the nation’s roads with a capacity to detect cracks one millimetre wide from beneath the chassis of a moving vehicle.


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