Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a disruptive technology that is boosting productivity and efficiency for our industries, economy and government, as well as improving environmental sustainability.

The Challenge

Transforming the way we collect and link data

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects networks of sensors, actuators and smart objects with physical 'things' (including everyday and industrial objects) in such a way as to make them intelligent, programmable and more capable of interacting with humans and each other.

We're developing IoT platforms, tools and technologies to collect, discover, process, validate, reuse, share, connect and repurpose sensor and observation data from a variety of research and commercial applications.

Our Response

Introducing our IoT platforms, tools and technologies

We are developing advanced software platforms, tools and technologies that are consistent, holistic, unified, flexible, adaptable, interoperable, scalable and multipurpose. These will enable and support collection, processing, discovery, validation and sharing of sensor data from and for a variety of research and commercial applications.

Our objectives are to:

  • Research, develop, validate and provide an open source software middleware framework enabling a federated sensor network as the infrastructure for dynamic, flexible, self-organising formulation of self-managing cloud environments for Internet of Things applications and services.
  • Develop a sensing-as-a-Service (SeaaS) platform that can deliver sensor data, process, validate and visualise the results. SeaaS can be used, reused, self-configured and repurposed for multiple and diverse applications.
  • Support multiple domain-specific applications and enable significant uptake of IoT by researchers, partners and customers.
  • Develop an integrated set of components, interfaces, tools and services that can be used by a variety of research and commercial applications.
  • Enable and support a test-bed for showcasing IoT technologies to Australian industry, government and community.
  • Enable a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) paradigm through an integrated system where domain users drive app development by specifying the data, the workflow, data processing requirements, application logic, constraints and the multi-modal output representation.

Case studies

  • An open source platform for the Internet of Things

    Working with a group of international partners we've developed an open source platform that brings sensor networks, analytics and cloud computing together.

  • Driving digital adoption

    We are working to transition manufacturers towards ICT-enabled systems that provide safety, efficiency and productivity gains through automated signal processing, data management and assistive-robotic solutions.

  • Phenonet: harnessing digital agriculture

    Phenonet collects, processes and visualises sensor data from the field in near real-time. It is helping plant scientists and farmers identify the best crop varieties to increase yield and efficiency of digital agriculture.

  • Wireless tracking with WASP

    We've developed wireless tracking technology that can operate indoors, underground and in built-up areas.

  • Camazotz: smart tech keeping track of bats

    Our sustainable and versatile tracking system Camazotz is being used to monitor flying foxes across Australia, helping ecologists understand and predict the spread of disease.

  • Sense-T: intelligent sensor network

    Sense-T is creating the world's first economy-wide intelligent sensor network that integrates different data sources to build a digital view of Tasmania.

  • Zebedee: handheld laser scanner

    Zebedee is a handheld laser scanner that creates 3D maps of difficult environments in the time it takes to walk through them. It doesn’t rely on GPS, making it suitable for a range of scientific and commercial applications.


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