Sensing and mapping our environment

We’re using a range of advanced technologies to sense and map the environment around us, allowing businesses, governments and communities to make more informed decisions.

The Challenge

Access to detailed data

Information can be very valuable in helping us provide more targeted solutions for environmental issues. However, often the level of detail required from the data is not readily available. This is where sensors can be deployed to collect the sort of data needed to inform decisions.

Our Response

Innovation in sensor capabilities

Sensor developments in miniaturisation and the integration of sensors into intelligent devices and systems has increased the capacity to measure, analyse and aggregate data.

We are researching and improving sensor devices so they can be utilised in many different environments as detailed in the following case studies.

Case studies

  • Monitoring the health of structures

    Using sensing, continuous monitoring and advanced data analysis techniques we support civil and industrial asset managers to make more informed maintenance decisions.

  • Bio-sensors: discovering the secret life of oysters

    We have developed a world first mollusc bio-sensor capable of delivering physiological data in real-time from animals in commercial environments.

  • Camazotz: smart tech keeping track of bats

    Our sustainable and versatile tracking system Camazotz is being used to monitor flying foxes across Australia, helping ecologists understand and predict the spread of disease.

  • Sense-T: intelligent sensor network

    Sense-T is creating the world's first economy-wide intelligent sensor network that integrates different data sources to build a digital view of Tasmania.

  • Swarm sensing: tiny technology creates a buzz

    Thousands of honey bees have been fitted with tiny sensors as part of a world-first research program to monitor the insects’ movements. The team are working with Brazil’s Vale Institute of Technology to take the technology to the Amazon.


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