Telepresence technologies

We are creating a new generation of telepresence technology platforms that are opening up community access to culturally and environmentally significant places.

The Challenge

Breaking down geographical barriers

In a country with such a geographically dispersed population as Australia, it can often be difficult for everyone to have access to the full range of resources and places such as museums, monuments and landscapes.

Our Response

Telepresence makes virtual visits a reality

We’re creating telepresence technologies that break down Australia’s barriers of remoteness and distance to deliver innovative services and capabilities right across the country.

We’ve combined high speed broadband with technologies such as the Zebedee handheld 3D scanner, online learning platforms, and automated robot technology to deliver a range of solutions that provide unique enriched learning and development experiences to people unable to visit a physical location.

Case studies

  • Touring the HMB Endeavour digitally

    Students from around Australia are able to tour the iconic ship, the HMB Endeavour, without leaving school, thanks to our digital technology expertise.

  • Exploring the Jenolan Caves

    We've joined forces with science education experts from 3P Learning to develop ‘immersive learning’ environments which allow students to explore locations from their home or classroom.

  • Visiting the National Museum

    We’ve created a mobile telepresence robot that helps to connect school kids and visitors from regional areas to the National Museum of Australia.


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