Building antennas

We're developing, designing and building antennas for applications in digital wireless networks, broadband communications and radio astronomy.

The Challenge

Spectrum crunch is coming

Wireless communication relies on the availability of radiofrequency spectrum. The spectrum has practical limits and more spectrum cannot be created, so we are faced with a finite resource and growing demands to use it.

In order to make the most efficient and flexible use of the radio spectrum, we're developing antennas that are able to reconfigure themselves.

We also have a particular focus on developing antennas for the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) radio telescope.

Our Response

Developing low cost, reconfigurable antennas

Our work on antennas underpins our research into cognitive wireless networks. Cognitive wireless networks take information from an optic fibre hub, for example, and make it available to wireless devices.

The network is made up of intelligent nodes that cooperate among themselves to deliver information with improved link reliability, capacity and coverage.

We’re developing low cost reconfigurable antennas that will go inside these nodes.

The antennas will operate at frequencies from a few hundred megahertz to millimetre-wave frequencies. The millimetre bands above 60 gigahertz offer the wide bandwidth necessary for high speed wireless delivery of multimedia information.

Case studies

  • Phased array feeds for radio astronomy

    We've developed technology for our newest radio telescope that dramatically increases how quickly it can survey the sky, and offers enormous potential for other rapid-imaging applications.


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