Wireless broadband technologies

Building on our legacy as inventors of faster Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) in the 1990s, we've gone on to become a world-leader in the development of next generation wireless technologies.

The Challenge

Bridging the digital divide

We have entered an age where access to ubiquitous high-speed broadband is becoming essential for the delivery of and access to many human services. This means bridging the 'digital divide' between remote, rural and urban communities is becoming an issue of fundamental social equity.

Our Response

Creating a wireless world

Building on our legacy as the inventors of Wireless LAN technology (WLAN), we are now working on innovative solutions to develop high-performance, reliable and cost-effective wireless broadband solutions for Australia and the world.

Case studies

  • Bringing WiFi to the world

    We invented and patented wireless local area network (WLAN) in the 1990s – a technology that has given us the freedom to work wirelessly in our homes and offices.

  • Ngara: Next gen wireless

    Ngara is our next-wave wireless technology that is optimising the wireless spectrum and helping connect more Australians in more places.

  • Video communication in emergencies

    Working with our partner RF Technology, we’re using our expertise in WiFi to develop a wireless technology that will allow emergency first responders to use real-time video to communicate on their existing narrowband networks.

  • Ngara point-to-multipoint technology trial

    A three-month trial of our Ngara point-to-multipoint, spectrally-efficient wireless technology is being hosted by long-time CSIRO research collaborator Macquarie University, at Macquarie's Sydney campus, with help from industry partner Optus.


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