Energy Use Data Model

Understanding the way Australians consume energy is becoming increasingly complex. That's why CSIRO is creating a new system called the Energy Use Data Model (EUDM) to provide meaningful and accessible data that will unlock the mysteries of our energy behaviour – and help to deliver an efficient energy future.

The Challenge

Energy behaviour is changing

The way people use energy is changing, rapidly! Solar is growing exponentially, electricity tariffs are shifting, the climate is changing, demand response technologies are emerging, energy efficiency is rising, and there is much more potential for storage and electric vehicles. All of these factors will fundamentally alter how energy is consumed across Australia.

Without a wealth of new data that captures our energy behaviour and what drives it, it will be incredibly difficult to:

  • successfully forecast infrastructure requirements in our changing world
  • design effective business models that deliver value to Australian households and businesses
  • develop evidence-based energy policy that is founded on solid foundations.

But how do we capture, collate and communicate this complex data?

Our Response

Creating a unified system

We are working with stakeholders from across the energy sector to create an integrated Energy Use Data Model (EUDM) that will provide publicly accessible fine-grained energy-use data through a central online platform, capturing not just measured consumption, but also key demographic and technological facets of Australian consumers.

This rich dataset will provide the foundation for the energy sector to develop the efficient energy system of tomorrow, enabling new insight into how peak load, daily load shape, demographics, technology and environment all interact to shape contemporary Australian energy behaviour.

Key focus areas for a successful EUDM

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The Results

An efficient future

Through extensive stakeholder engagement across the sector, EUDM will develop a one-stop-shop for critical energy-use data to help energy researchers, policy makers, regulators, market operators and consumers explore how people are using energy in Australia and the many factors that are influencing that use.

The CSIRO Energy Use Data Model is a centralised web platform to capture energy use data


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