BuildingIQ: Improving the energy efficiency of buildings

We created a technology that improves energy efficiency, reduces excessive energy consumption and saves money.

The Challenge

Improving efficiency of buildings

Buildings are responsible for more than a third of global energy-related greenhouse gas emissions and have been identified by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as the largest and most cost-effective sector for achieving reductions.

Our Response

Developing smart management systems

The system intelligently alters the operation of a building's HVAC control system according to settings for cost savings, occupant comfort and energy efficiency.

To do this, the CSIRO OptiCOOL technology, as commercialised by BuildingIQ, uses feedback from occupants submitted online – saying whether they are too hot or too cold. The intelligent air-conditioning controller, which can be fitted onto any existing HVAC control system, then uses this data, weather data, energy market pricing to alter the operation of the building's air-conditioning to:

  • reduce energy consumption
  • reduce greenhouse gases
  • save money
  • increase productivity through
  • improved staff comfort.

The Results

Installation in iconic buildings

BuildingIQ is helping building owners across Australia and the United States to reduce their energy consumption from 12 to 30 per cent.

Argonne National Laboratory (United States) independently tested BuildingIQ and found that the system reduced HVAC energy consumption by up to 45 per cent.

The CSIRO Energy Centre in Newcastle has achieved energy savings of up to 30 per cent using this technology. It is also being used at the Rockefeller Center in New York. 

Australian start-up BuildingIQ commercialised the technology in 2009. Four years later, they announced $9m in venture funding, accelerating the technology's uptake.


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