Working to halt the decline in Australia's biodiversity. Building better understanding of our species and ecosystems for better management.

  • CSIRO's Biodiversity Book

    Authored by CSIRO scientists, Biodiversity: Science and Solutions for Australia provides access to the latest scientific knowledge on Australia’s biodiversity in an engaging and clear format. Available for free download in multiple formats.

  • National Research Collections of Australia

    We manage a number of collections of animal and plant specimens that provides vital information and resources about Australia's biodiversity.

    Primary topic: National Research Collections

  • Monitoring, measuring and conserving biodiversity

    With Australia's biodiversity in steep decline, CSIRO researchers are leading the efforts to build fundamental knowledge on the nature, extent and history of our native species. We work closely with our partner organisations to ensure a consistent approach to biodiversity monitoring and conservation across the country.

    Primary topic: Monitoring biodiversity

  • Making better biodiversity conservation decisions

    Our research is helping to answer urgent questions about where to invest limited resources for biodiversity conservation and how to get the best possible outcomes from that investment.

    Primary topic: Monitoring biodiversity

  • Threats to biodiversity

    There are numerous threats to Australia's biodiversity including invasive species, poor fire management, habitat destruction and degradation, and climate change. Our research is helping to understand the impact of these threats so they can be better managed.

  • Invertebrate biodiversity and ecosystem function in northern Australia

    Land managers are increasingly looking for reliable indicators of ecosystem health that can be used to assess the ecological sustainability of land management practices, and are finding that invertebrate organisms, such as ants, termites and beetles, are ideal for this role.

    Primary topic: Monitoring biodiversity

  • Mapping Australia's soil biodiversity

    A large and unique research collaboration is providing the first comprehensive Australia-wide inventory of soil biodiversity to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability.

    Primary topic: Plant research


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