Extreme events

Helping Australia better understand, respond to and prepare for extreme events and emergency situations, such as bushfires, floods, cyclones and drought.

  • Bushfire

    Australian bushfires threaten lives and property and cause millions of dollars of damage each year. CSIRO's research is used to respond to bushfires in many ways, from weather warnings to fire-fighter training to predicting fire behaviour.

  • Drought

    Australia has a highly variable climate with a naturally occurring cycle of wet and dry periods. Droughts are an expected product of this variability, although their severity and frequency may change in the future.

  • Floods

    Flooding across Australia can have significant consequences for infrastructure, people and communities. CSIRO conducts research on causes of flooding, their impact and how to prepare or respond.

  • Tropical cyclones

    Tropical cyclones threaten northern Australia every year. CSIRO research seeks to understand causes and likely changes in tropical cyclone intensity and frequency.

  • Disaster management in the digital age

    We are using data and modelling tools to inform emergency management processes, save lives and reduce the financial burden of disasters on the global economy.

    Primary topic: Data for decisions


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