CSIRO's research is used to respond to bushfires in many ways, from weather warnings to fire-fighter training to predicting fire behaviour.

  • Bushfire research

    Our bushfire research is improving the understanding of fire, and improving technologies and strategies to save lives and limit damage.

  • Building infrastructure and bushfire

    CSIRO has a strong history in observing and recording the way in which bushfires impact on people and their environment.

    Primary topic: Understanding and managing bushfires

  • Guide to rate of fire spread models for Australian vegetation

    We evaluated various bushfire spread models to develop a practical guide for predicting the rate of fire spread in different Australian vegetation types under different conditions.

    Primary topic: Understanding and managing bushfires

  • Pyrotron: A national bushfire research facility

    The Pyrotron is used to study the combustion and spread of fires in bushfire fuel under controlled conditions. It aims to improve fire safety and fire-fighting for Australian communities.

    Primary topic: Environmental services

  • Fire danger meters

    We have developed several meters to help assess the danger of bushfire conditions in different areas.


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