Oceans and coasts

Working to discover, enhance and sustain marine ecosystems and maximise the benefits from Australia's marine territory. Exploring the interplay of oceans and climate, and adaptation responses for our coastal communities.

  • Australasian ocean currents

    Four ocean and coastal currents in the Australasian region are significant in shaping marine environmental conditions and our climate. Research in CSIRO and its partners seeks to better understand these currents and the role they play in our environment.

  • Oceans and climate change

    Just as our changing climate is influencing changes on the land, climate change is also having an effect beneath the waves of the world’s oceans and coastal waterways.

  • Sea-level rise observations, projections and causes

    Our research helps us understand how sea levels have changed over time and is improving projections for future sea-level rise, as a result of climate change.

  • Marine resources, biodiversity and industries

    We're providing scientific knowledge and tools to support commercial development of Australia’s marine resources (e.g. fisheries, offshore oil and gas etc.), while mitigating environmental impacts and conserving marine biodiversity.

    Primary topic: Marine resources

  • BLUElink: reliable ocean forecasting

    BLUElink is a global ocean forecasting system that provides information on oceanic conditions to help manage Australia's diverse area of maritime operations. Delivered in partnership by CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology and the Royal Australian Navy.

    Primary topic: Oceans and climate

  • Monitoring our oceans with robotic floats

    Argo robotic floats are helping to improve our understanding of the world’s oceans.

    Primary topic: Marine technologies

  • Smarter coastal development and management

    More than 85 per cent of Australians live less than 50 kilometres from the coast. We’re providing Australian governments, industries and communities with knowledge, tools and integrated approaches to manage their expanding coastal footprint.

    Primary topic: Smarter coast management

  • Ocean Energy in Australia

    Harnessing the energy of the ocean through the movement or temperature of water.

    Primary topic: Marine technologies

  • Sharks

    Australia is home to more than a quarter of the world's shark and ray fauna. These species contribute to healthy oceans as top predators in the marine ecosystem, but many of them are declining. We provide knowledge and advice to help manage the many threats to shark and ray populations.

  • Volcanoes found off Sydney

    While seeking lobster breeding grounds, our research ship found four extinct craters.


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