Providing Australia with solutions for water resources management while protecting and restoring our major water ecosystems.

  • CSIRO's Water Book

    Water: Science and Solutions for Australia provides information on the status of Australia’s water resources and their future prospects, the many values we hold for water, and the potential for using water more effectively to meet the growing demands of cities, farmers, industries, and the environment. Available for free download in multiple formats.

  • Assessing Australia's water resources

    Assessing current and future water availability in major water systems across Australia to provide a consistent framework for future water policy and management decisions.

    Primary topic: Assessing water resources

  • Alternative water supplies for cities

    Our research into resilient water systems is supporting Australian cities to produce high quality water from wastewater, stormwater and roof water sources.

    Primary topic: Resilient cities of the 21st century

  • Water reuse and environmental process engineering

    We have expertise in reusing water, managing contamination and providing environmental solutions for resource developments.

    Primary topic: Mitigating environmental contaminants

  • International water research and development

    We are working nationally and internationally to increase access to safe water and inform policies and strategies that support effective water resource management.

    Primary topic: International water research

  • Water in the resources sector

    Research to better understand the risks and impacts associated with Australia’s coal and onshore gas resources for efficient, socially and environmentally responsible development.

    Primary topic: Water in the resources sector

  • Blue-green algae

    Algal blooms are a major hazard to safe water supply as well as potentially dangerous to human, animal and fish health.


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