Food and Nutrition

Our science makes a positive and transformational impact to Australia through innovation in the food, health and bioproducts industries.

Our research

  • Nutrition and health

    We deliver innovation to Australia's food, health and wellness industries, resulting in significant health and economic benefits for Australians.

  • Bio-based products

    Bio-based products or bioproducts are energy, chemicals or other materials derived from renewable biological resources. We are developing new bio-based technologies to support the transition of the Australian industrial economy to a sustainable resource base.

  • #CSIROfood

    From improving farming techniques to boosting the nutritional content, we're working up and down the food chain to help develop the freshest, healthiest, tastiest cuisine for Australians, and the world.

  • Food science

    Our expertise in food science helps the Australian food industry compete in domestic and global markets and make food products for Australian consumers that are safe, sustainable and taste great.

  • Our Food innovation centre for industry

    CSIRO’s food innovation centre makes it easy for food, ingredient and equipment manufacturing companies to access our extensive expertise, technologies and support in innovation.

  • Our impact strategy

    Our goal is, by 2025, to add at least $300m in additional value to Australia's food, agribusiness and health related industries by creating innovative products, processes and services for domestic and premium export markets.

  • Do business with Food and Nutrition

    Food and Nutrition works with government, scientific and commercial partners in the research and development of innovative products, services and technologies to support Australian industry.

  • People

    Further information and contact details for science, research and support staff working in Food and Nutrition.