AAHL diagnostic services and emergency response

We have diagnostic services and reagents available as commercial services. This is in addition to our role in emergency response and accredited testing for diseases in terrestrial and aquatic animals.

  • Our role in responding to animal disease outbreaks

    Despite Australia's strict quarantine procedures, there is a risk that an exotic animal disease could be introduced. Our quality-assured diagnostic tests are critical to the success of surveillance programs and to the accurate diagnosis and control of outbreaks. We can respond rapidly to disease outbreaks of national impact.

  • Aquatic animal testing

    The AAHL Fish Diseases Laboratory provides diagnostic services for exotic and emerging diseases, export certification testing and health surveillance. These are available for finfish, molluscs and crustaceans.

  • Innocuity testing

    AAHL is NATA accredited to provide a wide range of testing to determine innocuity of materials, exclude adventitious agents and for other specialised purposes.

  • Provision of reagents

    Our range of reagents for purchase are suitable for veterinary diagnostic assays including serology, molecular biology and bacteriology.

  • Quarantine testing of companion animals

    We offer a testing service for animal owners to certify their animals meet international quarantine standards for import or export.

  • AAHL laboratory services web portal

    Visit the AAHL Laboratory Services Web Portal to register submissions, make enquires and customise submission forms for future use. Access information about diagnostic testing, proficiency testing and supply of reagents. This is also the gateway to the STARS Network for secure electronic data exchange with AAHL's diagnostic response team.


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