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  • Cupped hands holding a handful BARLEYmax grains. BARLEYmax

    A wholegrain developed by CSIRO has superior health benefits that can help combat cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer.

  • A baby jersey calf nuzzles its mother as she sits in a paddock. Hornless Cattle

    A discovery by CSIRO scientists is central to the Australian Poll Gene Marker test, which is helping Australian cattle breeders select the best breeding cattle for their herds. It may also help the industry end the painful practice of dehorning beef cattle.

  • Two open cotton bolls on a cotton plant Cotton research

    CSIRO’s cotton research has delivered significant economic, social and environmental benefits to growers throughout Australia.

Our research

  • Breeding better animals

    From developing premium feeds right through to gene technologies, we're helping Australian farmers breed outstanding produce.

  • #CSIROfarms

    From studying the makeup of our crops and animals to improving agriculture and food production, we’re constantly looking for ways to answer today’s farming challenges and plan for the future.

  • Growing robust crops

    When we understand the risks to a crop, we can modify the species to protect them from specific threats.

  • Improving farming techniques

    From responsive modelling to intuitive digital technologies, we're developing practical solutions for the agricultural community and industry.

  • Innovation and technology for the future

    We've developed a range of tools and techniques to answer today's challenges and plan for the future, including gene technology, digital modelling and region-specific strategies.

  • Invasive pests

    From carp, rabbits and ants through the full catalogue of weeds, we're using a range of methods to tackle invasive pests.

  • Producing healthier, safer and more sustainable food

    We're working with industry to develop a range of methods and technology which help food processing.

  • Protecting crops and animals

    We're working hard to protect Australia's thriving agricultural industry from a range of threats, including avian influenza, Foot and Mouth Disease and depleted world bee populations.