Breeding better animals

From developing premium feeds right through to gene technologies, we're helping Australian farmers breed outstanding produce.

  • Black tiger prawn

    We partnered with Australian prawn farmers to develop a new prawn that is producing record farm yields, leading to increased supplies of top quality, sustainably produced seafood.

    Primary topic: Premium breeds

  • Breeding better salmon

    We are working with Tasmania's Atlantic salmon farming industry to improve the growth, health and product quality of salmon.

    Primary topic: Premium breeds

  • Breeding hornless cattle

    A discovery by CSIRO scientists is central to the Australian Poll Gene Marker test, which is helping Australian cattle breeders select the best breeding cattle for their herds. It may also help the industry end the painful practice of dehorning beef cattle.

    Primary topic: Animal science

  • Novacq prawn feed

    Novacq prawn feed, developed by CSIRO, is helping Australian prawn farmers grow bigger, healthier prawns sustainably, faster and cheaper.

    Primary topic: Better feeds


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