Innovation and technology for the future

We've developed a range of tools and techniques to answer today's challenges and plan for the future, including gene technology, digital modelling and region-specific strategies.

  • Think ‘biosecurity’ in Northern Australia

    Dr Gary Fitt, Biosecurity Flagship Science Director, explores the biosecurity challenges and opportunities our north presents.

  • CYBERNOSE® biosensor

    Our CYBERNOSE® biosensors mimic the sophisticated smell receptors of simple animals to detect and measure odours and chemicals in a range of substances.

    Primary topic: Risk and preparedness

  • EPT: a better, greener food processing technology

    We have helped develop a world-first, energy efficient spray drying technology that preserves more flavour in powdered foods such as protein powders and coffee, and is creating brand new and improved food products.

    Primary topic: Food science

  • Gene technology

    We use a range of gene technologies in our work in agriculture, biosecurity and environmental sciences. We carefully select the most appropriate technology to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Australia's Biosecurity Future — preparing for future biological challenges

    The report — Australia’s Biosecurity Future: preparing for future biological challenges — uses strategic foresight to identify the major biosecurity trends and risks Australia may need to respond to in the next 20-30 years.


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