Gene technology

We use a range of gene technologies in our work in agriculture, biosecurity and environmental sciences. We carefully select the most appropriate technology to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Overview of gene technology research at CSIRO

    Gene technology encompasses several techniques including marker-assisted breeding, RNAi and genetic modification. Only some gene technologies produce genetically modified organisms. We use the most appropriate technique, or combination of techniques, to achieve the desired goal.

  • Australian RNAi technology: silencing gene expression for plant, animal and human health science

    We have led the way in the development of what has been hailed as a major breakthrough in molecular biology: silencing gene expression by RNA interference (RNAi).

  • Marker-assisted breeding

    Marker-assisted breeding is a conventional technique that allows breeders to track genes without using transgenic approaches. It can be used in plants and animals to select qualities that are desirable for farmers and consumers. Marker-assisted breeding doesn't produce genetically modified organisms.

  • Genetic modification

    Some of our gene technology research produces genetically modified products which provide innovative and unique opportunities for Australian agriculture and consumers.

  • Sex determination techniques for the egg and poultry industries

    A new gene technology to differentiate between male and female chicks pre-hatch could improve animal production, reduce costs and eliminate ethical dilemmas for the egg and poultry industries.


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