Invasive pests

From carp, rabbits and ants through the full catalogue of weeds, we're using a range of methods to tackle invasive pests.

  • Reducing Australia’s carp invasion

    CSIRO scientists are undertaking rigorous tests to determine the safety and suitability of the candidate biocontrol agent Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 (CyHV-3) in managing European carp numbers in Australia.

    Primary topic: Managing invasive species

  • Biological control of weeds

    CSIRO has a long and successful history of using biological control agents as a cornerstone of sustainable management programs for weeds of national significance, such as Paterson's curse and prickly pear.

  • Controlling those pesky rabbits

    The release of the two rabbit biocontrol agents - Myxoma virus and Rabbit Calicivirus - led to a dramatic reduction of Australia’s rabbit population and has recovered more than $70 billion to the agricultural industries since 1950.

    Primary topic: Managing invasive species

  • New dung beetles to bury dung and reduce bush flies

    In 2014 our researchers released French and Spanish spring-active Onthophagus vacca and Bubus bubalus dung beetles in Australia’s latest effort to improve dung burial. Burying dung improves pasture productivity, sequesters carbon and controls buffalo and bush flies.

    Primary topic: Managing invasive species

  • Eradicating invasive ants

    CSIRO researchers are leading the way in understanding the ecology, impacts and control of invasive alien ant species.

    Primary topic: Managing invasive species

  • Australia’s first national mouse census

    We’re leading Australia’s first ever national mouse census, Mouse Alert, helping farmers to identify and target ‘hot spots’ for mouse populations before and during the seeding of winter crops.

  • TAPPAS - Computer modelling wind borne threats

    Our scientists have developed a unique online interface that links to powerful dispersion and weather prediction models to help to better prepare for and respond to wind borne threats.

    Primary topic: Risk and preparedness


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