Biological control of weeds

CSIRO has a long and successful history of using biological control agents as a cornerstone of sustainable management programs for weeds of national significance, such as Paterson's curse and prickly pear.

  • Overview: Biological control of weeds

    Biological control of weeds is a long-term solution that is most effective when part of an integrated weed management approach.

  • Parkinsonia biological control program

    The weed Parkinsonia forms impenetrable thickets, decreases productivity of pastoral rangelands and competes with native plants. New biocontrol agents may help manage severe infestations across northern Australia.

    Primary topic: Managing invasive species

  • Biological control agent tackles Crofton weed

    Crofton weed—also known as sticky snakeroot or Mexican devil—has been smothering native bush in Australia since the early 1900s. But now the release of a new biological control agent brings hope in managing this invasive weed.

    Primary topic: Managing invasive species


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