Producing healthier, safer and more sustainable food

We're working with industry to develop a range of methods and technology which help food processing.

  • EPT: a better, greener food processing technology

    We have helped develop a world-first, energy efficient spray drying technology that preserves more flavour in powdered foods such as protein powders and coffee, and is creating brand new and improved food products.

    Primary topic: Food science

  • Safer cooked meats: Moira Mac's and high pressure processing

    Moira Mac’s has revolutionised the supermarket cooked meat section as the first company in Australia to use high pressure pasteurisation (HPP) for smallgoods processing.

    Primary topic: Food science

  • Virtual mouth

    Our favourite everyday processed foods could taste just as good but be healthier in future, thanks to our virtual mouth technology that is revealing the science of chewing.

    Primary topic: Food science

  • Water recycling for sustainable food manufacturing

    New water recycling research aims to reduce the reliance on drinking water by food manufacturing and processing plants and address consumer concerns about the use of recycled water.

    Primary topic: Food science


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