CSIRO diets

Our diet and lifestyle programs cater to a range of needs including general weight loss, heart health, children's wellbeing and type 2 diabetes.

  • CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet books

    The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is a nutritionally balanced, scientifically proven eating plan that can help you feel less hungry and lose weight.

  • CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet online

    The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet online is a 12-week program that allows you to better personalise one of Australia's most popular diets to suit your tastes and lifestyle.

  • CSIRO Healthy Diet Score

    Australians are now able to measure the quality of their eating habits using a simple online assessment tool, the CSIRO Healthy Diet Score.

  • FoodTrack™ - food and nutrient database

    FoodTrack™ is a comprehensive food and nutrient database developed through a collaboration between CSIRO and the Heart Foundation. It supports the collection and monitoring of nutrition and product data for foods and beverages in Australian supermarkets.

  • Impromy™ Health and Weight Management Program

    Impromy™ is a unique health and weight management program including high protein meal replacements and recipes, available exclusively through selected pharmacies.

  • CSIRO and Baker IDI Diabetes Diet and Lifestyle Plan

    The 'Diabetes Diet and Lifestyle Plan' is a clear and easy guide for all Australians to follow, covering every aspect of dealing with type 2 diabetes prevention and control.

  • CSIRO Healthy Heart Program

    The CSIRO Healthy Heart Program is designed to look after the health of your whole cardiovascular system.

  • CSIRO Wellbeing Plan for Kids

    The CSIRO Wellbeing Plan for Kids is a book for all families with young children, it contains practical information for parents to use to positively influence children’s eating and activity habits.

  • The DNA diet

    As we age, the wear and tear of everyday life results in damage to our DNA. Research shows that we are able to slow down and reduce this damage by increasing specific nutrients.

    Primary topic: Nutrition and health


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