Digital technologies for health

From improving access to healthcare to improving processed food, we use technology to help people lead healthier lives.

  • Cutting hospital waiting times

    Using software we’ve developed, hospitals can predict how many patients will arrive in emergency, their medical needs and how many will be admitted or discharged.

    Primary topic: Digital health

  • We feel: tracking the mental health of the nation

    We’ve developed a tool called ‘We Feel’ to see if social media can accurately map our emotions and help us better understand mental health.

    Primary topic: Data for decisions

  • Faster drug discovery

    We have developed software that rapidly and accurately provides vital information on cells to aid drug discovery and biological research.

    Primary topic: Digital health

  • Living at home longer

    Helping older people live at home for longer is the aim of a low-cost and non-invasive sensor, monitoring and support system we're developing.

    Primary topic: Digital health

  • Home monitoring of chronic diseases

    Delivering healthcare via telecommunications could open up home monitoring of aged care patients with chronic diseases, improving health outcomes and significantly saving costs.

    Primary topic: Digital health

  • Smartphone app a lifesaver for cardiac patients

    We’ve developed and trialled an online cardiac rehabilitation program that can improve program completion rates and patient health outcomes.

    Primary topic: Digital health

  • Sight saving science

    We’ve developed, and have trialled, new technology to enable remote delivery of specialist eye care to Indigenous and older Australians living in rural and remote areas.

    Primary topic: Digital health

  • Making health records more accessible

    Through the Australian e-Health Research Centre, we are building tools that make managing healthcare records more efficient.

    Primary topic: Digital health

  • Virtual mouth

    Our favourite everyday processed foods could taste just as good but be healthier in future, thanks to our virtual mouth technology that is revealing the science of chewing.

    Primary topic: Food science


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