Land and Water

With our partners we aim to deliver innovative solutions to the complex challenges that arise from the demands and impacts of human activities on the environment.

Our research

  • Ecosystems and biodiversity

    Helping to underpin a national effort to halt biodiversity decline and to manage Australia's unique and diverse ecosystems.

  • Mitigating environmental contaminants

    Research that underpins the maintenance and protection of Australia’s land and water resources from contamination.

  • Resilient cities of the 21st century

    Our research is helping to shape resilient cities for the 21st century. We look at the way our cities use resources and interact with the environment to provide decision makers with solutions and alternatives for an uncertain future.

  • Social & economic systems

    Helping understand the complex interaction of social, economic and environmental factors to enable more informed decision-making, planning, governance and engagement processes.

  • Water resources

    Aiming to help Australia and others better manage water resources to improve social, economic and environmental benefits.

  • International water research

    We are working nationally and internationally to increase access to safe water and inform policies and strategies that support effective water resource management.

  • Landscape management

    Investigating issues associated with sustainable food and fibre production, forestry and agroforestry, including bushfire management, greenhouse science, earth observation and catchment management.

  • Earth observation & informatics

    Our Earth Observation and Informatics capabilities underpin our wide array of Earth observation-related science and applications.

  • Testing services

    CSIRO's Land and Water Flagship can provide state-of-the-art testing and analytical services and facilities on a fee-for-service basis. These services include testing soils, water and bushfire fuels.

  • Do business with Land and Water

    We partner with public, academic and private sector entities, nationally and internationally, to solve the complex challenges that arise from the demands and impacts of human activities on the environment.

  • People

    Want to contact us? Meet CSIRO Land and Water’s science and business leaders.